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Use our business simulation software, which we developed for high schools with the help of ERASMUS + Fund!


87% of secondary school students using our simulation improved their entrepreneurial willingness.

Questionnaire survey with 96 anonymous responses of students using the program (2017)

Why should you use our simulation?

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Learning by doing

The three levels of knowledge are recognize knowledge, recall knowledge, and appling knowledge. In the simulation, knowledge is need to be applied because the way to understand theories is to test them in practice.

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User friendly interface

A key feature of the teacher interface is ease of use. Education with simulation does not require a high level of technical knowledge. It can be played from a browser.

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Motivated students

Motivation is considered an essential condition of the teaching process. We help by adding a tool for this.

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Collection of best practices

Not only do we provide a piece of software, but we have collected the best possible uses that we will share with you.

More detail

Business simulation software supporting education

As part of the TEACH (Transnational Education and Competition in High Schools) project, we have developed a software that effectively helps educators in their educational activities.

business simulation games make the sometimes boring curriculum interesting, exciting and easy to digest for students, as they do not get knowledge as an external observer but as an active actor . doing).

During the simulation, students need to team up a company : make strategic, financial, human resources, marketing, inventory and commercial decisions and adapt to the changing market environment.

The advantage of simulation is that it does not involve financial risk as opposed to a real business. It becomes possible to try what it is like to be in a decision-making position. According to our surveys, this is an opportunity that can highly motivate students . The simulation develops skills such as process thinking, teamwork, planning ability, complex vision, and time management.

The simulation is easy to integrate into everyday education . It makes learning a joyful learning experience with playfulness elements.

The target group of the developed software

Students studying primarily in economics and the teachers who teach them are the target group of the software developed.

Available in English, Hungarian, Romanian, and Slovak


Used in secondary education free throughout the European Union.

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