We are transparent

Transparency is a basic value for us. In this post we show why it is worth to be transparent.

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Bridge Budapest, CEU Business School and Transparency International Hungary made a self-check test. The test has been created to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to reflect on filling up what is worth attending to, where they are kept in the field of transparency, awareness and responsible business behavior.

I am convinced that even our own company or our country will only be competitive in the long term if more players in the economy play by the rules – Gyula Fehér, co-founder of Ustream

We all want to be proud of what we have built and not embarrassed about it. – Ádám Somlai-Fischer, co-founder of Prezi

Answering the test takes about 4-5 minutes. The questions deal with 4 areas:

  • management and communication
  • HR issues
  • Finance
  • partnerships

If you reach minimum 80% then you are entitled to use the Viable Business badge. We trust that more and more entrepreneurs will reach this level and become a reference for other entrepreneurs. Take the test here.

Why does it worth to be transparent

  1. You save a lot of energy by shifting your capacity to value creation or simply sleeping well, rather than dual thinking.
  2. It gives an example to your child that performance and knowledge have a role in business success.
  3. Research shows that employees see their bosses working fairly are more satisfied with their work, their lives and they have less stress & fewer health problems.
  4. Transparency is a world trend.  If you want to increase your trust in your business and keep up the pace, then the fair path is the only choice.
  5. If there is real competition between businesses, the value creation of enterprises increases, thus the economy is getting stronger and more stable.
  6. If every business pays the tax burden on it, more money will remain for infrastructure, health, education, culture, and other public goods.
  7. There is a chance to reduce the concentration of business and political life if quite a lot of businesses are operating fairly, because then there is a real production activity.

We are transparent.

Let your company be transparent too!

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