Developing business mindset with simulations


In America, 50% of new small businesses go bankrupt within 1 year and 90% within 5 years.
The primary reason for this is lack of experience.

In our competitions we create opportunities for students to test themselves as managers without taking real risk.

Business Simulation is a modeled, virtual platform, where acting as leaders of companies players can test their strategic and analytical skills through decision-making situations. During the simulation, playing in teams include financial, human policy, marketing, inventory management and trade decisions. The players have to adapt to changing market environments.

We provide help for students to master the entrepreneurial and business world in a playful way. We develop business skills and visions.


87% of secondary school students using our simulation improved their entrepreneurial willingness.

99% of enterprises are SMEs within the EU, which embraces 2/3 of jobs in the private sector. Small firms are actually the giants of the economy, as they give 80% of the new jobs (EU Enterprise Directorate-General).

According to FIVOSZ's survey, less than four percent of young people dare to start their own business, which is a shocking fact in international comparison.

Do you teach in high school? We have good news for you. In 2016, our ERASMUS + application was supported, which allows you to use our business simulation software free of charge during your educational activity. Do not miss the opportunity!

About us

A team of economists and engineers has created Maximulation with the goal of developing education.


The simulation itself is just a tool. Success also depends on the application. We are constantly developing our teaching methodology, which we share with educators.

In a comprehensive study Wellington, Hutchinson and Faria (2010) examined 160 studies. Those studies measured the effect of simulations on the tests' results written in the end of school-year by pupils. Based on these measurements they found that in 46.9% of the cases simulation based lectures were more effective than traditional forms of teaching. 16.9% of the studies said that traditional ones were more effective and in 36.3% of the cases there were no significant difference in the results perceived.

In the background of the different results there can be various effects. Of course one of the reasons behind the different results could be caused by the different research methods, but based on Goosen (2002) the main factor is how the simulation is implemented in the lecture. As the board is only an equipment used by the teacher the simulation is an equipment too. The content which completes these equipments is depend on the quality of the teacher's work.

Gold (2015) stated that the focus of the measures should be on other thing. The relevant question is not the effectiveness of the simulation, because this fact were proved by dozens of studies. The real question is how should be the simulation implemented in the lectures to reach the maximum effectiveness of the tool. We give an answer to this too.


An adult makes 35,000 decisions per day on average. It seems to be lot, but only eating questions are up to 227 per day, according to Cornell University researchers (Wansink and Sobal, 2007).

Much of our decisions affect us. However, leadership decisions have an impact on others as well. That means greater responsibility.

By creating a variety of habits, decision-making ability can be improved. One of them are the games! Playing means making decisions in a fixed (and therefore fairly secure) rule system, in a playful environment. According to David Gamon, Ph.D., card games, board games and computer games all develop decision-making abilities, as well they entertain too.

The basic element of Maximulation simulation is the gaming approach. In our simulations the gaming experience is a reward, with the concern that it should not go to the expense of learning and experiential output.




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