Falling Walls Budapest 2017

On 25 May 2017 Maximulation were participated in Falling Walls Budapest event, where innovative projects were introduced in 3 minutes pitches.

We were talking about the topic of Breaking the wall of old school business education.

As we pointed out there are (minimum) 2 actual challenges that faces old school business education.

– Technological and social trends
– Rapidly changing professions

Technological and social trends
Students use IT tools as early as they can. There are some critics that Z in generation Z stands for zombies because they are in love with their devices. Yes, they are connected from birth. Due to the fact this seems not to be a temporary status instead of critics education should make profit of this situation.

Rapidly changing professions
When we speak about rapidly changing professions it is more understandable if we think on that Facebook launched a little more than a decade ago. At that time we couldn’t imagine that today there will be people who work as online media managers. Who knows what professions will be 10 years later?

How business simulation can be a solution?
Business simulations enhance learning motivation of the students. Students do not just hear the lesson from the teacher but participate in the problem they are learning about. They do not solve a specified problem in a specified way. There is a problem and they have to find out how to solve it. They gather they own experiences. And the learning outcome with the experiential learning is proved to be better.

Learning content is boring often reported by students. But playing is fun. Everyone can agree with this. If you play and there are learning outcomes from the game it is the best combination. You feel good, you have fun and you also improve your skills. Gamification is the key word here.

Students improve long lasting skills with business simulations instead of rapidly aging lexical knowledge. They improve skills like teamwork, complex thinking, decision making, analytical thinking and so on. These skills can be implemented in their future jobs, maybe 10 years later which perhaps will be exist only 5 years ago then.

The new generation of business simulations run in online environment and on multiple devices. This fits the needs of the generation Z. Students learn not only in school or at home but business simulation can be in their pocket, in their hands, on the bus, in the car etc.

We mentioned 2 problems of the business education. We brought business simulation as a possible solution. And here comes the best part.

Our team have applied for an EU funded project last year where we focus on high school students and education. We have won with the project and business education has won with it too. Because we offer our business simulation software for high school students and teachers for free.

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