Real Madrid – Liverpool will be in the Champions League

In this article, we put the simulation as a methodology into a human-like example.

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Digital Conference 2017 – „Digital space”

In the autumn of 2017 a new phase will be launched in the professional dialogue on digital pedagogy. We will be members of this dialogue as well. The conference seeks answers such as:

  • What does learning mean in digital age?
  • How does school prepare pupils for the future?
  • What acquisition and development of skills is essential for successful prosperity in the world of work?

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The year’s website for 2017

We have renewed our website, and we have been applied for ‘The year’s website for 2017 ‘ award.

In The Educational Category, we compete with companies and organisations like, EasyMaths, Mateking, Kaposvár or Metropolitan University.

The Award will be made by professional judges, but you can also express your welcome if you vote directly on this link to our website:

You can check the application sub-page here:

You can also check our renewed website at:

Before answers there should be problems first

Case studies instead of traditional, teacher-centered education focus on problem solving and students. We summarize the work of American researchers on problem-based education.

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6 rules of gamification

Gamification means using gaming elements in non-gaming environment to make the processes more interesting and resilient.

In this post we present the 6 rules of gamification.

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